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I'm Ashlee Horn

As a former Vice President of Sales turned Coach, I am passionate about developing high performing sellers into world-class sales leaders. 

Together, we'll maximize your impact as a sales leader and accelerate your ramp into leadership in a mere 90 days! 

Sean, Chief Revenue Officer

I learned as much from Ashlee about building and leading sales teams as I have from anyone throughout my career. When Ashlee joined the company and quickly assessed where we were and put a plan in place to move us forward. Over the subsequent years we exceeded all expectations about what that business could do. 
Her culture forward focus on people created a loyal, fun and high performing environment. 

How we work together

Being a new sales leader is hard work. And most manager training programs are weak. They focus on theoretical concepts and big ideas. Yet, you need skill development and real world advice from someone who has been a sales leader.


My coaching programs are custom built for each phase of your leadership journey. I'll provide actionable advice you need to boost performance and reach your potential. The programs focus on building your abilities and confidence as a leader.


My personalized approach gives each client the tools they need to succeed. So, let's take your leadership impact to the next level!

About me

As a high-performing AE, I believed that sales knowledge alone qualified me to be a manager. But when I made the leap, I realized that wasn't enough. I felt overwhelmed, lost, and defeated, which affected my team and our results. My VP received complaints, and I feared I'd made a mistake. Unfortunately, my story is common, with 50% of new sales leaders failing in their first year. Yet 70% of sales executives think their sales teams are underperforming.


So, I became a student of leadership. I read every book on communication, executive and leadership skills. I wanted to be a great leader but had no idea where to begin. So, I obsessed over learning the art of sales leadership. I honed my communication skills and mastered sustainable ways to improve performance. And in a mere 15 months, I became a top-performing VP.


I became a Global VP of Sales leading a team of more than 100, generated $400+M in sales. I've interviewed, hired, onboarded, and coached 271 sales leaders. Most were first-time leaders, and I've seen it all. Now, I'm dedicated to sharing my experience and frameworks to help you ramp up to leadership.

I struggled as a new leader, so now you don't have to! I've distilled my decade of experience into a coaching program for new leaders that you can learn in just 90 days. Let's chat today! Your quota won't wait for you to figure it out on your own. 

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